Abrantie Gentleman’s ‘G Man’ has some interesting prints.

Ghanaian label Abrantie Gentleman was the only Ghanaian menswear label invited to the South Africa Mens Fashion Week, which is saying a lot considering the level of talent and innovation that has sprung from the Gold Coast in the last five years. And for that appearance the label overhauled its aesthetic, ditching the prints and formal wear it was known for, tackling traditional menswear instead with a vigour that would haev pleased international audiences but left us underwhelmed.

The label was slated to show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg but didn’t instead chose to release it’s new collection ‘G Man’ back in Ghana. The new collection sees the label return to old haunts, classic bespoke menswear and prints. These prints are the highlight of the collection injecting much needed diversity into a collection whose originality is eroded by the label’s obsessions with crests, reminding us of private school uniforms instead of suits grown men are supposed to wear. Abrantie has a way with African inspired print wax, able to elevate them while keeping their heritage. This perhaps might be the label’s niche, a niche it hasn’t quite accepted.

Ultimately G Man proves that while Abrantie the Gentleman is not a one trick pony, it definitely isn’t a versatile label either. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Models: Prince Ib & Stephen Kojo Owusu

Abrantie Abrantie 9 Abrantie 8 Abrantie 7 Abrantie 6 Abrantie 5 Abrantie 4 Abrantie 3 Abrantie 2 Abrantie

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