Accra Mens Fashion Week 16: Bushai Weave revamps KsiFW collection for AMFW

Ghanaian label Bushai Weave was one of the participants at the debut Kumasi Fashion Week showcase and the collection it showed left us somewhat underwhelmed. There were a number of mediocre pieces and a premature dabble into womenswear that came off flat and uninspired. The collection was built around the concept of the basic menswear tunic and all the possible ways it can be reworked, revamped and updated. Embellishments, panelling and several other techniques were used with minimal success. Read our review of that collection here,

The label is taking a second stab at the same collection for the 2016 Accra Mens Fashion Week (trust us, this is pretty common in fashion cycles) and has updated the collection, culling the women’s wear pieces and strengthening it’s menswear.

Gone are most of the ill-fitting pants and tunic that made the first collection such an eyesore, and the label backs down on the gimmicky clothing, there are less panels and more detailing. Copper and bronze button chains drape on torso and over pockets and traditional style beads help add a distinct tribal flair to the collection.

But the cardinal problems with the collection still remain. It is still very much a ‘tailor’s’ collection than a design label. And at this point, only new design blood will change that.


Photo Credit: Qwesie Asephua Photography.

Bushai Weave Bushai Weave cover Bushai Weave 16 Bushai Weave 15 Bushai Weave 14 Bushai Weave 13 Bushai Weave 12 Bushai Weave 11 Bushai Weave 10 Bushai Weave 9 Bushai Weave 8 Bushai Weave 7 Bushai Weave 6 Bushai Weave 5 Bushai Weave 4 Bushai Weave 3 bushai weave 2 Bushai Weave

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