”I used makeup to get over my breakup”

by Adeboyin

I went through a bad breakup last year. Even though I was the one who called it quits, I spent several days after the breakup soaking my sheets with sweat and snort. I was on leave from work, so I had way too much free time on my hands to wallow in self misery. Day 9 of the breakup, when I could finally muster the courage to step out of my house without worrying about randomly bursting into tears in the middle of the street, I went to the mall, with every intent of buying the “I just got my heart broken”starter kit – alcohol, ice cream, chocolates, when I bumped into a friend. She was headed to the MAC store, and begged me to tag along and help her pick out new lip colours, while dropping subtle hints about how I could pick a thing or two for myself.


I had never been into makeup, it was more out of laziness rather than any false sense of superiority.

All the makeup I had at that point, were a few tubes of lipstick and two eyeliners I kept stashed in a Ziploc bag. I was immediately overwhelmed as I stepped into the store, as my friend got into her element, asking for different shades of concealer and foundation and different types of brushes.

She promptly forgot about me and instead of sneaking out quietly to get my Toblerone fix, I began wandering around the store. The sales girls ignored me once they realized my friend was the one about to spend the big bucks and not me. As I was peering at an eye-shadow palette, I heard someone tell me over my shoulder “Don’t buy that palette buy the one under it.”

The two palettes looked pretty identical to me and I told her so. She laughed and asked if I was into makeup, and I said no. We got talking and she somehow convinced me to buy all sorts of brushes, primers, concealers and everything else I would need to get started. I almost had a stroke when my bill was calculated, and I promptly asked to return some items -still don’t get why I need four shades of concealer- taking only the basics I supposedly needed to get started.

I got home and immersed myself in a world of beauty blogs and YouTube makeup tutorials.

I was hooked almost immediately,

They make everything look so easy. In the next couple of weeks I’m pretty sure I used about half of my new stash of beauty products. I went back and got some of the items I had dropped after realizing what they were meant for. Researched the best drugstore brands heavily, because I couldn’t continue using money for food to buy MAC, and soon enough I got pretty good -if I do say so myself.

These days I am a borderline makeup addict, and even though I’m not Tara perfect, it feels good to be able to do a full face beat for myself when the occasion arises.

It's like magic!
It’s like magic!
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