All you need to know about getting a nipple piercing in Lagos


The height of waywardness to many Nigerian parents, is getting a tattoo, a piercing or heaven forbid, both of them. As if you didn’t get enough hell for merely getting a second hole put in your ear, imagine having to tell your Nigerian parents you want to get your nipple pierced. From how exactly your parents will react to the news, to how you should go about getting it done, here’s everything you need to know about getting a nipple piercing in Lagos.

  1. You can’t get it done in just any place that claims to be a piercing parlour, try that and an infection will be the least of your worries.
  2. If you have conventional Nigerian parents you are going to have to hide it from them forever. If you want to do ‘free the nipple’ in their house and show off your new piercing, you had better take off your bra in the back of your cab.
  3. If you want to get the piercing done with your chest and not hide it from your parents, get ready for the disownment threats, you can’t blame them after-all which man is going to marry you and your nipple piercing.
  4. You can’t go just anywhere with your piercing on display. For example, you can’t take public transport or walk through Yaba or Iyana Ipaja, we can guarantee you’ll be harassed by people who genuinely just can’t understand how wayward you have to be to get a nipple piercing.
  5. You’ll have to keep it hidden at family meetings and gatherings, if you don’t want the topic of the day to be how you want to bring shame and disgrace unto the family name.
  6. If your extended family gets to find out about it, the only time your name is mentioned is when your Aunt is giving her children advice not to be like you, or when they get in trouble and are getting their asses whooped you’ll here your Aunt saying “So you want to become like Tola shey? You want to become wayward”.
    You and being the family’s disgrace
  7. If you happen to school abroad and just came back then a good number of your peers are likely to excuse you getting a nipple piercing. If you happen to school here however you’ve either joined bad gang or about to become a video vixen or a runs girl.
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