All you need to know about shaving your lady parts

First tip – don’t do it.

Shaving should honestly be your last option for getting rid of hair down there. Sadly it’s the easiest and most convenient option we have here in Lagos. But between the ingrown hairs and nasty bumps, shaving isn’t really the sexiest option for you.

On the other hand, waxing parlours in Lagos are either dubious looking or ridiculously over priced. Hair removal creams are apparently not too risky so long as you do not get them too close to the sensitive parts but do you really want to put something that smells like feet (that’s Veet I’m sorry) on your vagina?

So if you do have to shave, here are some useful tips you need to know so that your cooch looks and feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

  • Find the right razor
    Try use a new razor each time you shave. Using dull razors could cause bumps.
  • Trim
    Always trim first. Use something like a cuticle scissors to trim the hair down as low as it can go. This makes shaving faster and easier.
  • Take a hot shower
    Take a steaming hot shower, before you shave. This helps to soften the skin around there allowing the hairs to come out more easily.
  • Exfoliate
    No using your sponge does not count. Get a loofah or make home made scrub with sugar and lemon juice.
  • Apply shaving cream/lubricating gel
    Use an unscented shaving cream to shave, the scented ones are most likely to irritate you. Rubbing your bar soap around the area doesn’t count by the way. If you are skeptical about using a shaving cream, lubricating gels (yes, the sex ones) can also double as a shaving cream. Baby oil or coconut oil is also an option, but these oils tend to clog your pores.
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows
    Don’t shave in the opposite direction in which your hair grows. I know this seems like the most efficient method to shave but this is the main cause of ingrown hairs and bumps. So take your time and shave in the direction of the hairs. This might take longer but it’s definitely worth it.
  • Moisturize
    We tend to forget that it’s skin that’s there. Skin is capable of drying out and needs moisturising. So after each shave moisturize.
  • Do not shave everyday
    You have to give your vagina a break. If you really can’t stand having any hair there, wait at least a week in between shaves.
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