Why we should be allowed to wear sweatpants to work

This is a petition to all employers, especially corporate employers. To allow their employees to wear not just sweats but anything they feel comfortable in to work.

Yes that would mean bankers should be allowed to wear sweatpants to work too. I swear I’m not an idiot, and no I’m not trolling, just hear me out first.

Yes. Yes I am
Yes. Yes I am.

Most employers running corporate businesses require their employees to be dressed in a certain manner. In fact for bank jobs, there is a flat out dress code outlining, even down to colours, what employees can and can not wear.

Now I understand why these codes exists, employers need to give clients a perception that their employees are professionals and they need to ensure that their work environment maintains an air of professionalism.

But it’s 2016!, surely no one should still base your capabilities as a professional on whatever you might or might not be wearing. I mean, why can’t you go to a meeting in jeans and a t-shirt? Steve Jobs did it right?

Ok but seriously, don’t get me wrong. I am not petitioning for people to wear slippers and shorts to work, but do we really still need to be wearing suits and ties? and it’s not like we even get paid dry cleaning allowances.


The truth is enforcing a more relaxed dress code at work, helps the employees feel more relaxed at work, and actual scientific research has shown that this promotes productivity and focus.

As far back as the 90s, most non-corporate employers have not required their employees to dress corporately to work. You find that people with jobs like journalism and even teaching do not have to adhere to a strict dress code.

So dear corporate employers, it’s 2016, wearing sweatpants to work never killed anyone.
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