Anxiety, disappointment, anger, joy & eternal ecstasy | Read Fola &Deji’s Love/Proposal story (photos)

Beautiful couple, Fola and Deji, who would be getting married on the 20th of February, 2016 have just shared their love and proposal story with us.
Fatigued after a long day of usual flight delay and all… she couldn’t wait to get to Lagos … she had imagined a long weekend full of fun… but first of all with bae waiting at the airport to pick her up and sweetly petting her  from the stressful trip…”who doesn’t like to be mushy once in a while” she said to herself…  she began to paint a picture in her head…”A young man standing amidst a crowd, in a nice pair of jeans and lovely shirt. smiling and looking around… waiting for his host to alight and spot him… leading her to the car and then the destination…
She jerked just as the hostess asked if she cared for water… the Guardian newspaper in front of her reminded Fola she was in a Nigerian plane just in a bit to arrive in the Lagos hustle and heat… These things don’t happen in Naija she said to herself (lol)… if only wishes were horses…She smiled to herself again this time… was no longer about the imagination of her dreamed welcoming down the airport… This time, she thought about just what a wonderful weekend she will have… and was hoping Sunday will not come for her to have to leave again…
She was really  looking forward to arriving in Lagos. O boy, I don miss Deji o…. All these distance relationship sef, E nor dey easy. She pondered. 
 As soon as they landed, she had a spur of excitement her cute eyes could not hide. she turned on her phone to call her longtime lover with all enthusiasm and smiles. Immediately, the smiles on her face changed to a big frown. Why on earth will he do this to me? After all these stress ehn? She hissed and angrily had her seat in the almost empty waiting section.

The handsome young  man, Deji knew he was in for it when he was not at the airport to pick his lover on time as arranged. Blame it on Lagos traffic and some other important things he needed to do before seeing her.  He hoped she would  understand and accept his apology. After some few minutes, Fola’s phone rang and she looked away. She finally picked up after several calls from Deji and the sensual voice of the love of her life came live, “Baby, I am so sorry. Where are you seated? I am at the car park,” She hung up and angrily walked to the car park to meet him.

 No hug? Deji asked. “You know I missed you. How have you been? I am sorry”…… But Fola was not ready for any petty apology that sunny afternoon. She just kept scrolling through her Instagram page and musing to herself; leaving Deji frustrated and apologetic.
After a long and silent drive to Deji’s crib, Still angry, Fola alighted from the car and walked towards the door of the place she calls her Lagos home. She had not even dropped her bag when she saw one of her favourites on the table waiting for someone to devour.  She couldn’t be angry anymore. “Deji, who’s got this big chocolate cake?” She asked. He he ordered it for her. (smiles) Her blush turned to a wide smile. Beaming girlishly, she said thank you, munched the cake excitedly while asking him  where he ordered it from? Few minutes later, Deji asked if she would like to go to her favourite place, who dares turn down Protea Hotel, Ikeja? well not me.  This weekend could not be better. She had missed her baby so much and was happy to be in Lagos.
A bag in the corner caught her attention and Fola asked what could have been in the cute bag. Deji tried to distract her by giving her a big bouquet of flowers he had ordered. So beautiful, Fola could not help but wonder what this best friend of hers had up his sleeves this time. All the same, she was stealing glances at the crane bag. Her curiosity cannot be satisfied easily. Deji went ahead to the bag and brought out a box from it.
The well framed box had in it a perfume, single rose flower and a case. In split seconds, Deji the man that had ruled her world for years, knelt down on one knee while she had the chocolate cake and now a bouquet in her arms and said “ I can’t let you out of my life, please I want to spend the rest of my life with you WILL YOU MARRY ME?”
That was the bomb. (she never experred it) lol. Not this time… this really was happening. she closed her eyes and tried to make it sound so low… but here she was screaming;  YES I WILL!!! Of course I will. 
Deji wasted no time in wearing the beautiful diamond ring on her finger. He of course had reharsed this for months… Protea he had planned tho…(Deji proposes, God disposes)
With a teary eye, Fola staring at the man of the moment whispered I love you. The King Kong Deji was quick to say “I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.” He immediately swept her off her feet with an intense kiss. The perfect kiss that sealed the deal. Fola kept looking at the ring on her finger; reminiscing the events of the day. From anxiety  to disappointment to anger to joy and finally an eternal ecstasy and love for  the ring and of course Deji(who at this moment felt he like he had won a lifelong-sought-for trophy) It was perfect. Everything perfect and that special moment would be carved out in their hearts forever till death do them part.
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