Platform sneakers, septum rings…8 other fashion trends that need to die in 2016

I’m a huge style lover, and if you are reading this you probably are too. But every once in a while, some fashion trends come up that make me go “welllllllll.”

The following trends have become quite popular and I can’t for the life of me fathom why.

  1. Ripped T-shirts
    I love you Kanye, but I refuse to be sold on these. Maybe it’s the African mother in me but how will I use my money to be buying torn t-shirts. It will be a different thing if it looked cool, like ripped jeans but they only make you look homeless.
  1. Wedge Sneakers
    Like wedges were not bad enough, they had to stick them together with sneakers.
  2. Waist Trainers
    #LetYourStomachBreathe2016. It’s alright. If you want the small waist go to the gym, stop rearranging your intestines.
  3. 3D Nail art
    Why would you want to fix nails that you literally cant do anything with? Not only can you not do anything with them, they are ugly too.
  4. Super-short shorts
    If your shorts are shorter than than the hemline of your underwear they’ve got to go.
  5. Extremely ripped jeans
    Those ones that look like something ate into them. You know, the ones with the really large holes. Gather them up and throw them away (you can’t even give them to charity.)
  6. Septum rings
    Even Rihanna doesn’t wear these anymore.
  7. Platform sneakers
    These are even worse than the wedge sneakers, and I didn’t think anything could be worse than the wedge sneakers.
  8. Purple hair
    And any other type of oddly coloured hair; pink, orange, green. It’s done we left it behind in 2015.
  9. Socks with sandals
    These weren’t cool in Secondary School and they are still not cool now.



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