Apparently there is no part of your body you cannot contour now

Contouring has been a huge makeup trend for about two years. Just as the trend began to fizzle out, it grew a second head, actually several heads. Contouring which used to be a beauty technique reserved for runway models and photo shoots, somehow eased its way (with a little help from Kim Kardashian) into the regular girl’s beauty routine in 2014, and blew up from there.

The point of contouring your face, is to enhance its best features, while drawing attention from parts you’ll rather keep hidden, using loads of concealer and highlighter. While there has been a shift from the beauty technique to alternative methods of playing up your best facial features like strobing, or just opting for a more natural look, some beauty bloggers have discovered new ways to apply the beauty technique instead of letting it go completely out of trend.

It started off with using contouring techniques to slim your neck and make your collar bones pop, then tutorials on how to contour your chest to make your cleavage look fuller popped up, there are also some to make your toes look slimmer (for whatever reason you might want your toes to look slimmer), and some to make your calves look more defined.

While these techniques haven’t caught on yet, and remain mainly for theatrical purposes and to help a couple of YouTube vloggers get more video views, this is exactly how beauty trends catch on. While we hope and pray something like clavicle contouring never becomes a thing, we kind of see the point of it, but it’s a no from us (to all of it) still.

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