Aren’t we all tired of wearing the same things?

Every fashion season, the powers that be decide on what trends shall takeover the runways and our closets. So that your camo jacket that was in last season, is suddenly a fashion faux pas in the new season. The rebels don’t care about things like that, and will still wear their fanny packs even though those haven’t been in since the ’80s. But for the more fashion conscious people, we hop on trends from season to season, and the sad result is that we are all wearing the same things.

So you go to a party in a sheer dress, and you see a bunch of other people dressed similarly, because that’s what’s in. Even on the red carpets, most of the celebrity looks just blend into one another because they are all hiring stylists who are dressing them up in the same things. A good stylist knows that they must understand the client before styling them, but slapping the latest trends on them is way easier, plus maybe the clients are not complaining anyway.

We are not against fashion trends, fashion trends are what we live for. (we’ll probably be out of jobs without them). What we have a problem with is people sacrificing their personal styles and tastes for trends that sometimes do not even suit them. For a lot of people, it is almost automatic when shopping to buy what is in vogue rather than what they like to wear, or what will be most flattering on their bodies.

You might argue that this isn’t true, but take a peek into your closet and check if you have anything with high slits, or in sheer materials or lots of lace. Now take a look in the back where you stuffed all the stuff from last season that you don’t wear again. Why aren’t you wearing those peplum dresses anymore? You’ve always loved them and they were always so flattering. Get our point now?

All we are trying to say is before you hop on a trend (and there is nothing wrong with that), remember your personal style and tastes should always come before Coco Chanel’s, even if she’s the fairy godmother of fashion.

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