As cool as: Zainab Balogun

Actress, model and TV personality, Zainab Balogun is the cool kid your favourite cool kid looks up to. The stunning 27 year old began her modelling career at the age of sixteen, which might explain how she manages to pull of whatever she puts on. When describing her personal style, in an interview with ‘My Newswatch Times‘, Zainab described it as not being fixed but changing with the way she wants to be seen by the world, and we have to agree. She manages to keep fashion lovers on their toes each time she steps out, not knowing whether to expect the chic, classic or casual side of her personal style.

Her signature low-cut hair, is a result of an attempt at the big chop to grow our her natural hair. Instead she fell in love with the low cut look and has worn it flawlessly for the past couple of years.

Her undeniably unique personal style, is why we all just want to be as cool as Zainab Balogun.

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