Aunty you are not toning, you are bleaching

Nigeria is a mostly tropical climate, which means most of the year the sun is out and mercilessly wrecking havoc on our skin.

Naturally, most people tend to get tanned and sunburned in certain parts which gives your skin an uneven tone. Now when this happens, this leads some people to search out products which are supposed to be for toning their complexions, but the truth is that most of these products aren’t just going to give you an even skin tone, they are going to bleach you.


Any cream that contains hydroquinone, or promises to even out your skin tone in a number of days is going to bleach you.

So in reality, it is not exactly evening out your skin tone, it’s changing it completely. And here’s the thing about such creams and lotions, in the long run, they end up causing serious damage to your skin, especially the cheap ones like Caro White. Not only do they do that, they make you about a thousand times more susceptible to skin cancer.

It is not a myth, bleaching could actually give you cancer.

If you are so bothered about your uneven skin tone for whatever reason, there are safer methods to help even it out.

For starters you could stay out of the sun more. If the darkened spots are truly sun spots,and not just the complexion God has blessed you with, then they are bound to fade with time when you stay out of the sun.

You could also exercise regularly, eat healthy and drink lots of water, these things heal your skin from the inside out and you would be glowing in no time.

Exfoliate, moisturize, pamper your skin but get rid of all your so called toning creams.

They are bleaching you.

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