11 beauty habits from secondary school you may have forgotten (but shouldn’t)

The beauty struggle for us women has been real since the beginning of time. Remember struggling with your mum over when you could start using stuff like nail polish and lip-gloss, just so you could impress your crush? And even if you went to an all girls school, you just felt the need to get all primped up for some reason.

Here are eleven beauty habits you probably forgot you had in secondary school.

  1. Buying “Tony Montanna” or “Enchateur” -some people always had the whole range- powder, and applying ridiculous layers of it on your face. You hadn’t put on powder if your face didn’t look at least a little white.
  2. Using wet lips so generously, it always looked right on the edge of dripping down your lips.
  3. If you went to a school like Louisville’s that required you to cut you hair, remember trying to make side partings in your low cuts, to give you a funkier look?
  4. Using clear nail polish on our nails even if they never really made a difference. Because coloured wasn’t allowed. And if you weren’t in SS3, you somehow always got caught with it by your seniors.
  5. Buying Victoria Secret body mist and hoarding it like it was Chanel No. 5
  6. And everybody had this one.
  7. Putting a little attachment in your cornrows thinking you looked like Alicia Keys, while it really made no difference.
  8. Putting a little palm oil on your lips in the belief that it would somehow make them look pinker over time -did this work for anyone?
  9. Using lip liner with your lip-gloss on special occasions like socials, so you always ended up looking like this.
    She was our inspiration
    She was our inspiration.
  10. Using black eyeliner to give yourself beauty marks on your face because all the ’90s actresses were doing it.
  11. Using way too much gel and pink oil to give your hair what you thought was a sleeked back look. Instead you got very greasy.

That’s all I could come up with. Do you guys have any more to add?

  1. * Wearing bra tops and sport bras because your boobs weren’t big enough for regular bras.

    * Not even waiting for your pimple to fully develop before smearing POP on your entire face.

    * Putting vaseline on your eyelids because you weren’t allowed to wear eye shadow.

    * Wearing tights under your school skirt (and every other clothing you owned).

    * Wearing coloured vests under your white shirts because you were a rebel and the whole world had to know.

    * Using mascara or hair gel to give the impression that you had baby hair.

    Ahh, those were the days.

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