Review: EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm is rather overrated

For some reason (probably brilliant marketing strategies), the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm got very popular a while back. Several celebrities were seen with it, and the MUAs and beauty bloggers went crazy over it. The buzz sizzled out after some time, but it remains a lot of people’s first choice of lip balms.

For me the product is rather overrated, and there are a ton of lip balms so much better than it.

To be fair, I’ll start with it’s pros. First of all, it’s cheap and you could get it for a little over a thousand thousand naira here. Secondly it is supposedly ninety five percent organic, containing ingredients like Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter, and even provides great UV protection. Now this all sounds great, and makes the EOS lip balm seem like the perfect one for you.

The only problem is that I didn’t get the moisture levels I was expecting from all the hype. To be frank my regular Vaseline was doing a better job than it. Even though application is easy -it had a way of gliding smoothly over your lips- and the container was adorable, I found I had to constantly reapply the lip balm, a problem I didn’t have when I was using my Blistex Deep Renewal balm.


After using the product constantly for a month, I found out that it was actually drying out my lips. It was soothing, once I put it on but once it wore off, my lips became increasingly chapped. I thought I was imagining the problem until I switched products completely and my lips stopped drying out. However I seem to be the only one who suffered from that particular side effect amongst my friends.

Bottom line is apart from the fact that it has a fancy package, and comes in yummy flavours, the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm, is honestly just not that great. If you have already chapped lips don’t bother with it because it has no healing properties. If you don’t, and want to use it -probably because you saw it with Kim K- you can get it here.

My verdict? I’m unimpressed.


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