Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser is the absolute worst

My skin is very oily, so as a result, rather acne prone, and even though I have found products that work fine for me, I keep switching up my routine, in search of the perfect combination of products.

I switched to the Neutrogena facial cleanser, when I noticed that my usual Clearasil cleanser which I had been using for months was suddenly drying out my skin.

On their official site, the product promised to be a cleanser, something that goes down into your pores to dissolve dirt and makeup, that rinses clean without leaving any pore clogging residue, leaving the skin looking fresher and healthier and feeling smoother and softer.

Turns out the product does the exact opposite.

I’ve always complained about how oily my face gets, and no matter what product I use it remains like that. I started hoping and praying I could go back to that when the cleanser started drying out my face. The skin of my face got very flaky and started to peel of, especially at the corners of my nostrils. Putting my makeup on became a pain, and I always managed to look like there were cracks in my foundation. I won’t have minded the dryness so much, if the product was at least clearing my acne, instead I began to break out even more than usual because of how dry my skin had become.

All this happened just two weeks after I started using the product and I promptly discontinued it. It took me months to rectify the two week damage, and the only thing I have to say about the product is that it should be discontinued.

Ok maybe that’s a little harsh. The cleanser does have some pros, it’s relatively cheap and actually lives up to the deep cleanser name, it’s just maybe a little too deep for me.


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