Beauty review: Smashbox photo finish primer is overrated

Contrary to what the name connotes, your foundation doesn’t lay the groundwork for how great the rest of your makeup is going to be, your primer does. Therefore buying a great primer is very important, and the Smashbox photo finish, has been well hyped as one, but we don’t totally agree.

On initial application, the primer feels great, it is smooth and moisturising and lets the rest of your makeup go on like a dream. When I was done, my makeup looked great but that only lasted for the first hour or two.

I don’t have overly oily skin, so I was surprised when my t-zone became unbelievably oily for someone who had put on primer before putting on her makeup. As I didn’t carry any blotting sheets, and that day was a little hot, my makeup was in a mess in a couple of hours.

While the Smashbox primer might help your makeup go on smoothly, I don’t know how much it will do when it comes to actually keeping your makeup in place for a day. This problem would have been fine, if they were a drugstore brand, but they are not and so the primer is rather pricey.

Our verdict on the Smashbox photo finish primer? Overrated.

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