Beauty review: What the hell is in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?

I had been reading rave reviews about the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for a while now. They have appeared all over social media and I hardly take reviews I get off Twitter or Instagram seriously but I was seeing them on every page I clicked on, so I just had to try the product out.

I bought a tub of Konga for 7,000 naira which is a tad over priced because you can get it for about half the price if you order it off Amazon. The product itself is powdered so you have to make a paste out of it by mixing it water. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t understand the hype, it was just a regular clay mask to me. I mean it cleansed my skin and exfoliated it but it was nothing life changing. Then I read somewhere to use apple cider vinegar to make the paste, which seemed like a terrible idea to me, until I tried it out and then I finally realized what the hype was about.

I used it twice with the vinegar and I’m about ready to dump everything else I use, I know it might seem like I say this a lot but I have literally never used such a great mask. It was deeply exfoliating and not over drying like with most clay masks, it also minimizes the appearance of my pores which is great for me when I don’t use a primer before putting on my foundation.

I’m going to use it for a couple of more weeks before handing in my final verdict, but for now it looks like I’m in it for the long haul.

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