What beauty and style advice would you give your younger self? 10 women dish

Have you ever thought about what kind of beauty and style advice you would have given yourself ten years ago? Whether it’s advice that would have changed something about who you are now, or advice that would have made those years easier for you.

We asked these 10 women, if they did and we loved their answers.

Ebube, 26

I would tell myself to smile and laugh more, because those braces were only temporary and I was beautiful irregardless.

Blessing, 21

I’ll tell myself to stop hating my slightly bowlegs because one day they are going to be regarded as sexy.

Odinaka, 24

To ignore my big nose, and the jokes people made about it because my contour game is going to be strong af soon.

Ibukun, 28

I’ll tell myself to dump the relaxers already and embrace my natural hair because nothing feels better than it.

Kike, 24

To stop getting into fights with my mum over what I could and could not wear and whether or not I could put on makeup, because there is just so much time to do all of that in just a couple of years.

Rashidah, 27

That just because my friends weren’t doing it, wasn’t a good enough reason not to wear my hijab at all times.

Sope, 25

To stop using all sorts of nonsense on my face in an attempt to clear up my acne. That it’s just puberty being mean to me, and it’ll clear up way sooner than I think.

Yewande, 26

I would tell myself to stop hating the fact that everyone called me blackkie, and the fact that I was exactly that. I would tell myself yo, your melanin be popping bihh.

Mariam, 32

I’ll tell myself to embrace my A cups, and stop stuffing my bra, because I would definitely love how my breasts look, after having two kids.

Kike, 28

To eat more, because being a size eight or ten is way better than having a stomach ulcer.

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