Belois Couture’s Helgira is good but safe

It is still somewhat of a surprise to meet a person who doesn’t know the women’s wear brand Belois Couture. Helmed by Oisetohanmen Isinugben, the label came out of the hatch running, competing for the 2014 fashion based reality tv competition Fashion Protege and going on to win the thing. A couple of months later, no one was surprised to see that she was chosen as one of the sixteen finalists for the Lagos Fashion and Design Week Fashion Focus programme. That brought the much needed legitimacy that Isinugben needed to establish her brand, and much needed concessionary deals.

Fast forward to 2016 and the label has just released images from it’s Spring 2017 capsule collection ‘Helgira’ which already is in our good books because it only has the barest hint of a cold shoulder style design in the entire capsule. Belois Couture favours a lot of pleating and layering in this collection, as well as flares and volume to create the illusion of exaggerated silhouettes. Satin, chiffon, crepe and organza, Isinugben uses them all with obvious skill. Ruffled sleeves, wrap blouses and plunging necklines all build this image of a woman in touch with her sexuality and willing to find unconventional ways to explore this. It is a decent collection, a solid effort, but ultimately underwhelming considering what the designer’s portfolio suggests she is really capable of.

We hope she gets the necessary funding to allow her be let loose to indulge her creativity, because right now, we are only getting the cliff notes.

Photo Credits
Creative direction and styling: Segun Adeyemo @segunadeyemo
Photography: Romeo Shagba @romeoshagba, assisted by Vami George
Model: Jemimah from Zahara Model Management @Mimzbee | @ZaharaModels
Makeup: Vugo24
Designer: Belois Couture @beloiscouture

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