We have the biggest style crush on Temi Dollface’s mum

Anyone who follows the site regularly knows we have the biggest style crush on Temi Dollface.

While trolling her Instagram as usual, we discovered her #HandMeDownTuesday tag where she puts her own twist on clothes passed down to her by her mum. While we have no idea how we missed it before, we can’t get over the fact that Temi’s mum is ultimate style goals.

Temi’s #HandMeDownTuesday is all about how restyling outfits her mum wore when we she was about Temi’s age.

Naturally, Today’s #HandMeDownTuesday piece is from my #SchoolYourFaceVideo. It’s nothing new that my current obsession is #Agbada; Not just any agbada, but a replica of the one my mum wore to her first art exhibition in 1975 when it hadn’t been done by a woman before. My wearing it for the Videoshoot was significant for quite a few reasons but channeling that confidence to follow ones own instincts rather than give into expectations- something my mother possesses by the bucketload – was hugely important to me. I felt empowered wearing this and I hope you feel empowered watching it. WATCH #SchoolYourFaceVideo by clicking on link in my bio. #HandMeDownTuesday #IWearMyMamasClothes #ILookIncredible #IGotItFromMyMama #SchoolYourFace #TheVideo #OUTNOW #WeAreAweDacious

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Considering that, that was about thirty years ago, we really can’t get over how tasteful and chic her mum’s personal style was.

#HandMeDownTuesday #JosephineAndHerShiftOfManyColours I’m sorry it’s been 2 weeks since my last #HandMeDownTuesday post, #AweDacious Ones. Forgive Me. “BEEP BEEP” duty called and demanded every minute of my attention. BUT I’m back now and with a spring in my step from the excitement of sharing the #Beepx2 video with you. AND in keeping with the video and lyric video colour scheme, I am #BeepBeeping about TDF as Josephine in her #HandMeDown 80s Shift Of MANY COLOURS. I GOT IT FROM MY MAMA, MAMA GOT IT FROM A BOUTIQUE THAT MADE THEIR OWN ONE-OFF PIECES ON KING’S ROAD, CHELSEA, LONDON IN 1981. The boutique name sadly escaped her, and the rest of the back story ran away with the label which went on walkies after many a wash and iron. The most important bit is intact so who’s complaining. #HandMeDownTuesday #JosephineAndHerShiftOfManyColours #IGotItFromMyMama #IWearMyMamasClothes #ILookIncredible #WhatMamaDollFaceWoreThen #WhatTemiWearsNow #1981 #2016 #Beepx2 #WeAreAweDacious WATCH BEEP BEEP VIDEO AT WWW.TEMIDOLLFACE.COM

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Your mum might be cool, but is she fur coat wearing cool?

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And it’s just not her mum, her ‘Aunty Kaine’ has us all in our style feels too.

#HandMeDownTuesday Introducing Aunty Kaine who’s covetable closet is the stuff of many a dream. Today’s show-and-tell piece is this pair of @christianlouboutin Mary Janes I was handed down a year ago – bought at the first Christian Louboutin boutique at Galerie Vero Dodat, Place des Vosges, Paris around 1992. As it happens, today’s post is about “First’s” – they were Aunty K’s first pair of Christian Loubs, with the black sole which came first (before the signature red sole), bought at his first shop, and this will be the first of many posts that she features in. Sadly, I won’t get to wear these as they are 2 sizes too big but they remain a show piece I’m just content to just look at. Paired with this Donna Karan skirt suit (which I’m desperately trying to get my hands on 😉) and yellow polo sweater, I imagine she turned many a head at the wedding she wore the ensemble to in Rome. #HandMeDownTuesday #WhatAuntyKaineWoreThen #WhatTemiOwnsNow #ChristianLouboutin #1992

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So as you start the week, all we have to say is be more like Temi’s mum.

#HandMeDownTuesday #CafeAuLaitSlay Nothing Like some #CafeAuLait to perk one up on a dreary September morning. Today’s Show-And-Tell piece is this #CafeAuLait three-quarter length 80’s shift which my mum purchased at good old Marks and Sparks (Marks & Spencer) on Oxford Street, London in 1985; though she’s seen wearing it here in 1989. I’m particularly thrilled with this #HandMeDown for how versatile and forgiving of foodie indulgences it is. It can be dressed up or down with accessories, belted or left as is and layered over sweaters in the winter. Thanks Mum! #HandMeDownTuesday #CafeAuLaitSlay #IGotItFromMyMama #IWearMyMamasClothes #ILookIncredible #WhatMamaDollFaceWoreThen #WhatTemiWearsNow #1989 #2016 #Beepx2 #WeAreAweDacious

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