Birth control pills aren’t going to make you infertile

Most couples who don’t like condoms opt for alternative methods of birth control like patches, IUDs, pills and even “pull out”, all legitimate methods of birth control. In most parts of the world, the most popular of these methods is the pill. This doesn’t however include Nigeria.

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For some reason, there is a rather common belief that going on the pill can cause several problems ranging form infertility to ovarian cancer. In truth the worst part about going on the pill is probably how it messes with your cycle.
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The funny thing about the pill is that apart from preventing you from getting pregnant, research has also shown that it actually helps improve fertility, helps manage the pain of endometriosis and even clears up your acne.

I’m not saying the pill doesn’t have its side effects, but it’s nothing life altering. There can be nausea, weight gain, mood swings or some spotting in between periods, but this all depends on your body type and some women don’t experience any of these side effects. And there’s some good news for those of you who don’t like condoms, condoms have a higher failure rate than the pill. The pill however won’t protect you from STIs and STDs so don’t rejoice yet.

Ladies, if you are having regular sex, especially if you have a partner, you should get on the pill. Pull out game can not always be strong. There are 1001 brands out there, but just don’t buy over the counter. Go to your doctor, and let him prescribe a brand that will be best suited for your body type. They are also not expensive, at least they are way cheaper than raising a child.

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