The funniest tweets from the #BlackSalonProblems trending topic

A couple of days back #BlackSalonProblems was trending on Twitter for over twenty four hours. Even though it has stopped trending, the hashtag spurred hundreds of black women to share hilarious issues every single one of us can relate a little too well to. These are the funniest tweets we gathered from the trend. If we missed any one, get on Twitter and tweet at us, using the hashtag.

IMG_20160605_201950Screenshot_20160605-201930_1IMG_20160605_201834Screenshot_20160605-201757_1Screenshot_20160605-201742_1Screenshot_20160605-201543_1Screenshot_20160605-201509_1Screenshot_20160605-201419_1Screenshot_20160605-201402_1Screenshot_20160605-201232_1Screenshot_20160605-201208_1IMG_20160605_201152IMG_20160605_195652Screenshot_20160605-201134_1 Screenshot_20160605-201120_1 Screenshot_20160605-201103_1 Screenshot_20160605-200758_1 Screenshot_20160605-200546_1 Screenshot_20160605-200518_1 Screenshot_20160605-200441_1 Screenshot_20160605-200351_1 Screenshot_20160605-200211_1 Screenshot_20160605-195956_1 Screenshot_20160605-195905_1 Screenshot_20160605-195810_1

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