Once upon a time, Dami met Blessing…and this happened (photos, detailed love story)

Dami and I met in November 2014 through my best friend Mercy. She invited me for a house party as I arrived at the house that day, this cute dude came to pick me up from the junction (unknown to me, my Besty was trying to hook us up, but I wasn’t feeling the dude). Then she told me she wanted to introduce me to the ‘cute dude’s ‘flat mate and I was like what kind of guy stays in his room during a house party? Anyways, the guy ,Daemi eventually strolled out after like an hour and in my mind I was like “ this is my hubby”…….fast-forward to February 2016, we officially started dating , Daemi is cool, calm, gentle, selfless and extremely caring ( and his accent is everything, Lol).
The proposal
I’m a smart girl ( I like to believe), and knowing a proposal was coming soon, I was watching him like a hawk because I didn’t want to get caught unaware (I planned to fake my surprise lol). So his cousins’ birthday was October 1st and they planned a birthday dinner for him, only for him to inform me a day before that the birthday boy changed his mind and was having a house party instead, (Omo, I was disappointed because I like any event that would make me dress up), but ‘we could still do dinner since we already made plans’ he said!
October 1st came and I was dressed like a tom boy in my sneakers and tees as went for dinner at blu cubana , we had to run into the restaurant because it was raining, so there was nothing really romantic about the evening. After eating, I could sense he was a tensed but I didn’t think much of it(we do dinner every week so it was a normal day for me) , he ordered desert which came IN A HUGE BOX and I joked that are we having cigar for desert , I reached out to open the box and a very pensive Daemi told me not to open it yet, I think that was when it occurred to me that I was being proposed to. OMG! I was dressed in tees and sneakers I thought, as he eventually told me to open the box; I did, and saw a smaller box in it, which I opened to find my beautiful ring. He collected it from me, got down on one knee, said the most beautiful words to and in front of a huge crowd.

I said YES! To the most amazing man I have ever met.

I simply cannot wait to start my life with Daemi.

Groom to-be @daemididit
Bride to -be @miss_kevwe
Photography by: @xo2inc
Make up by: studio 24 (Wuse 2)
Event planner: Rouge royale events

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