The Body Shop: Eyes So Bright, They Shine | How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

It’s amazing just what the eyes can do. They’re soul windows, beholders of beauty (or the lack thereof) and have the uncanny ability to see right through a person.

Pretty neat, huh?

In a world of about 7 billion people, a million different pairs of eye shapes abound complete with a gazillion other methods of beauty enhancement techniques via makeup, cosmetic surgery, etc that it sometimes gets overwhelming just figuring out which are the simplest, natural ways to spot bright, white eyes.

Ah, the struggle!

A long time ago, before things got that deep due to personal lifestyle preferences, eyes needed a little tender loving care to glow and sparkle.

Here’s what you might be doing wrong.

Refusing to acknowledge the fact that your eyes are simply tired. It is a fast paced world we live in today — agreed. And you can’t be caught slipping up with yet another deadline but realize: you cant afford to do that at the expense of your twin watchtowers.

Insomnia is a chief culprit here depriving way too many people of much needed shut-eye sessions. And it never looks good; huge, shopping bags underneath the eyes, dark circles, puffy red eyes — no one ever has a good tale to tell.

Following closely on the heels of this, is the over exposure to the light from mobile devices in dark rooms. Yes, your eyes are the ones who pay for your watching your laptop’s screen intently in the dark or scrolling through your feed with your phone only inches away from your face. And when continued over longer periods of time for years, they pay the ultimate price.

Diet. Because: there’s only so much makeup can cover up and a little concept we were introduced to during computer lessons: GIGO

It is a great idea to feed yourself fat on foods rich in the vitamins A, C & E. Like you already know, this is nutritionist speak for eat your fruits and vegetables. They have so much goodness burtsing on the inside of them. Mangoes, peaches, guava, apricot, avocado, oranges, grapes and strawberries are the most eye friendly fruits. And for vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, green and red bell peppers have your back all day, everyday.

Protection. News flash: Sunglasses aren’t only for A-list celebrities dodging paparazzi or the cool cats where you work or school, they do a ptetty good job of  protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays that are nothing but bad omen for your eyes. In addition, they keep out dust particles and other irritants at bay. And here’s a major perk for size: they’re super stylish and fashionable. Two for the price of one.

Water. Everything water. Remember how in scool you learned that your body is roughly 70% water. Well, your eyes happen to be part of your body. And they need all the water they can get for crying washing themselves out.

Also, its good practise to randomly splash cool, pure water into your eyes when you’re having a long day or they feel somewhat dry. For one thing, it helps to cleanse and if you needed another reason, helps freshen things up a bit.

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