Bridal Inspiration: 5 ways to incorporate kids into your wedding

To be honest, there is no way you can have a beautiful celebration of family and love without incorporating kids…and thanks to  Aisle Perfect, we bring you these five great ways to incorporate them in your weddings.

1.) Junior Bridesmaid/Flower Girl

flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses by isabella couture

If you decide not to do the traditional flower tossing, there are a variety of fun options for your flower girl. You can even make it fun and let your flower girl and ring bearer carry one of those cute “Here comes the Bride” signs!

how to include children in your wedding (4)

Your junior bridesmaid is going to be a bit older. Think preteen/early teen. She is also a part of the bridal party and will get to enjoy the events of that day. Her dress could be the same as the bridesmaids or you can opt to go for an age appropriate version. Junior bridesmaid roles are a great way to let older girls feel incorporated.

2.) Ring Bearer

Traditionally, the ring bearer carries the rings on a pillow. Your little man will love having a responsibility and he’ll also enjoy being suited up, just like the big guys.

3.) Usher/Hostess

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Here is another role for older kids. Your ushers are going to escort or guide guests to their seats. Female guests should be escorted by the arm. Your hostess is going to greet guest upon arrival for the ceremony and reception. Your hostess can also pass out programs. If you have a seating table, your hostess can also man the table and answer any questions guests may have about seating. The usher and hostess roles are a great way to incorporate older nieces and nephews or kids of close friends, as well.

4.) Dance Fever

How to include kids in your wedding

Everyone knows the newly married couple’s first dance is the highlight of the reception, but what if you decided to have some fun with it? Let your littlest guests in on the action by letting them do a mock first dance. Mr. and Mrs. can still do their dance first, but afterwards, invite the kids onto the dance floor to rock out to the song you selected. Of course, this works best with an upbeat song.

5.) Little Messengers

6 ways to include children in your wedding

If you give a kid a responsibility, they will guard that position and take it so serious as if their lives depended on it. On your wedding day, prepping for the ceremony can get very hectic. However; you still want your groom to know you are thinking about him. Here’s where the kids come in. Let them act as messengers and relay gifts, notes or cards back and forth from you to your groom and vice versa.

So there you have it!

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