Bridal Inspiration! Ways to make your small wedding intimate & fun


Congratulations on choosing to have a small wedding! The benefits are undeniable. For some people it means having less than 200 guests present. For others, 50 is the cut-off. Either way, it just means you can have a quality wedding where all your guests can have fun and interact with one another; and you and Hubby will have more money to put towards your future together.

A unique venue

An unusual location will be a totally different experience. Ideas include museums, art galleries, cafes, sailboats, botanical gardens, tennis courts, etc… These sorts of places also cost less because they are not marketed as wedding venues with the usual price hike. Imagine the pictures with such a unique backdrop. Amazing.

Take good care of guests

A small wedding lets you offer your guests a personal experience they cannot get at larger weddings. Extra frills become much more accessible when they’re for a few. You can give 40 people an elaborate 4-6 course meal, champagne, a dessert bar, chocolates, limo service, loaded gift baskets and so on; on a budget that will only provide jollof for 400 people.

Pay attention to detail

Smaller isn’t always simpler, so you might still need to hire a wedding planner. A small issue that might have gone unnoticed behind a crowd would be glaring with 50 guests. Make sure all the little things are sorted. You can do the job yourself if you don’t want a planner, but ensure you have the time and energy; and keep it manageable.

Limit your guest list

Your guest list is extremely important for a wedding like this. Make sure you both are surrounded by family and close friends. Don’t feel obligated to invite your boss or whoever. Explain kindly to those who want to know, that you are having a very small wedding on a limited budget. They will have to understand.

Get your guests involved

Have your guests make a circle around you as you say your vows; let those that want to speak briefly say something nice; have them all out on the dance floor; organise a fun, mildly competitive game that everyone can join in. Give them a hashtag to use for the pictures they post so that you can see them all.

Add a surprise

Your guests will be thrilled with some surprise entertainment. Bring a comedian, poet, musician (only if budget agrees), dance group or even perform if you’re a good singer or dancer.

Destination or weekend wedding

They are awesome if your wedding decisions were made to suit your unique tastes and not necessarily because of a tight budget. You could whisk your people away to a fabulous, distant destination and enjoy all the fun activities at that location e.g. water sports; or stay in town and just check them into a local resort with those features and have your wedding weekend there.



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