Brown sugar loving: 5 skincare products to pamper yourself with

When buying our clothes and makeup, every once in a while we splurge on luxury brands, because nothing feels better than self pampering. But it never really crosses our minds to buy luxury brands, whenever it comes to our skincare products. In fact, black soap, ori and coconut are most people’s solutions to any skin problems they might have.

So the next time you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, instead of popping into the MAC store, why not try investing in these skincare products. They might be pricey but are totally worth it.

  1. Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Mega Moisturizer with SPF 15
    Whether you are light-skinned or dark-skinned, I can not stress the importance of using sun screen enough. First of all, our ozone layer is almost non-existent these days, so the odds of getting skin cancer are tripling. Secondly, we do get sunburned contrary to popular belief and to avoid this we need to use sunscreen. I don’t believe in buying a sunscreen separate from your moisturizer, our weather is to hot for the use of both. Instead get this, even though it’s rather pricey at about fifteen thousand naira. It is a fantastic moisturizer with adequate sunscreen for our weather.
  2. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask
    If you have extra dry skin, sometimes, a regular moisturizer just doesn’t cut it for your skin, especially your face. A moisturizing mask, helps to hydrate and soften your skin, and fresh’s black tea mask does an excellent job at this.
  3. Olay Definity Eye Illuminator Illuminating Eye Treatment
    You don’t have to conceal your under eye circles anymore, with this product. The illuminating eye treatment improves the look of eye bags, and dark circles, so that no one has to ask you if you are sick on your no makeup days.
  4. St. Tropez Body Polisher
    We never forget to buy face scrubs for our faces, because of blackheads. But it hardly occurs to us to splurge on body scrubs to help us exfoliate our skin and get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin -no your sponge doesn’t count as an exfoliator-. This body scrub is perfect for all skin types. It exfoliates and hydrates and rinses off with no greasy residue.
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