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Nurse Bunmi and Dipo’s love story is so beautiful, enjoy!

I was on duty in the hospital when they rushed in a patient… Dipo, my husband to be brought his friend to the hospital where I work. I was very busy with my phone, chatting and I couldn’t even concentrate on the patient. I left them in charge of another nurse and went out. Before I got back, Dipo asked of me from a colleague and he was told I wasn’t around. He told my friend to tell me “Someone is admiring her.” My colleague said she won’t be able to deliver such message… as they were talking, I came in. I guessed he summoned courage and walked up to me. He asked for my name, I told him I’m Bunmi, he was surprised to know that I’m a Yoruba girl… and he got more surprised when I told him I’m from Kwara State. The excitement can be seen allover his face… he asked for my number and I gave him. We eventually became friends, but I really don’t give him attention. He was almost giving up on me but he remained determined… and finally, here we are… He got me!!! Can’t wait to become Mrs. Kolawole very soon.

Just wanna advise the unmarried to wait patiently for their time… their partner will come looking for them.

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Pictures by: @darey_concepts

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