The Body Shop: Did You Know That Drinking Soda Can Really Shrink Your Weiner?

Yes, it can.

Maybe not immediately but eventually.

Not too fret, it will take more than twenty years of a really serious coke addiction to really notice any significant changes in a man’s third leg. This is because caffeine, a diuretic- that is a drug that increases the water and sodium content – in the urine is the constituent in coke responsible for said shrinkage.

But a continued over consumption of coke can have significant adverse effects on a guy’s sexual health. And caffeine, again is the ready culprit.

Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and difficult ejaculation are among the symptoms on the way to male sexual dysfunction on account of massive consumption of caffeinated drinks including another popular favorite: coffee.

All is well and good when drank in moderation though. Even three cups of coffee in a day doesn’t pose a real threat, scientists explain. But like their alcoholic counterparts, it is always safe to drink responsibly.



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