Cassie Daves (and others) cover Guardian Life for blogger spotlight issue

Guardian Life, the weekend imprint of the Guardian magazine has in the last year been vying for the spot in culture that This Day Style used to firmly occupy with its on the money covers and articles that highlight the people actually doing great things in the industry. But last weekend, they finally turned their gaze on the least acknowledged group; the digital journalists who cover fashion, food, tech and lifestyle and provide that personal context.

The Guardian Life Blogger Issue feted Nosa and Folly of Eat Drink Lagos, Sisi Yemmie of the eponymous Sisi Yemmie blog, Bankole Oluwafemi of Tech Cabal and Cassie Daves of Cassie Daves, all leading lights in their various fields.

Cassie Daves is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who first came into prominence as a runway and editorial model with high profile campaigns for Mai Atafo and April By Kunbi in her portfolio as well as walking the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. She juggles her career as a medical doctor with her forays in fashion and modelling and documents it all on her blog. A trendsetter in many regards, she was the first model to document her modelling gigs, and now Nikki Anyasi does the same at Style Vitae. She was also the first to gain a massive transcontinental following, so it is great to see her finally acknowledged by a traditional print media organization.

Congratulations guys!

To read their interviews, go here.

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