Conditioning your weaves with banana will change everything

I take care of my weaves the same way I would take care of my natural hair, if not even better. As weaves get older, naturally they lose their usual lustre but there are a lot of things we do that speed up that process. After spending thousands of naira on weaves, we kind of expect them to last forever without putting in any extra effort to make sure they do. Applying price conditioners and natural oils on our weaves even though they are pretty good for it, might seem like a waste of money because there is no new growth to baby or shrinkage to battle.

Conditioning weaves with banana is not only cheap, but works like magic.

Pop a bunch of bananas into your blender, with a little bit of honey and about a teaspoon of olive oil or any natural oil you already have. Put a little water in the blender too, not too much so it doesn’t turn into a smoothie, but just enough to keep the mixture a little pasty. Cover the whole length of your weave with the paste, but be careful to keep it out of the weft, tie it up in a bag and leave it to sit for a couple of hours.

Rinse out the paste with warm water, don’t use any shampoo that will strip out all the conditioner you just put in. Getting all the paste out can be tiring as the banana just sticks on everything, but be patient. Air dry and rock your revived weave whenever you want to.

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