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Often, the most stress-less events are the ones we stress our minds on the most.

Having to change to a new name after the wedding can be one of the pressing things on the mind of newly wedded brides; not knowing that in this part of the world (Nigeria), it is extremely stress-less, affordable and quite fast.

I mean it is as easy as ABCD; literarily.

A. Collate your documents; court marriage certificate and a handwritten letter stating your maiden name and the new name.

B. Visit a newspaper office with cash and the above documents. Most of them charge between (N1,250.00 and N1,700.00).

C. Pay and get your receipt. The date it will be published should be on your receipt; if not, confirm from the personnel. (Usually printed in a maximum of three days ).

D. Get the newspaper and keep the page with your change of name details.

And voila! You are officially ‘Mrs….’

All you have to do to make sure your bank accounts and other documents have the new name is just by providing them with a written letter stating your request, the newspaper publication page, and the court marriage certification. Only in rare cases do they need you to swear an affidavit to attach. And even when they need you to, just visit any court and you will get your affidavit in a matter of hours.

So don’t sweat…it’s not that complicated. Smiles!

Written by Olayinka Adelekan and first published on Sugar weddings.

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