Could you give up makeup for Lent?

Last week was Ash Wednesday, signifying the beginning of the Lenten period for Catholics. The period, which lasts forty days is supposed to be a time for sober reflection on our faith and the usual custom is to abstain from something worldly you are attached to. So we were wondering, could you give up your makeup for lent, up to just eye liner. Could you go completely bare-faced anywhere you had to go for the forty day period. So that includes the birthday parties, dinner dates and so on.

For those who never ever put on make up, this post is obviously not for you. This post is for the ladies who are always strapped, with a mini makeup kit in their bags. And even for those who only do a full face beat for special occasions, could you imagine attending any event without at least lipstick.

I'm talking to these people
I’m talking to these people.

I’m Catholic, and so the thought of it crossed my mind, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. I go bare-faced pretty regularly so I don’t think I’m particularly attached to makeup, but I couldn’t imagine Friday turn ups without getting made up.




So what about you guys, could you do it?


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