Could you wear your secondary school uniform out today?

I found an old bag of clothes I had been meaning to give out, stashed behind my wardrobe the other day. I was about to haul it into the boot of my car and then to my local church exactly as I found it before deciding to go through the contents of the bag just to make sure the clothes were still fit to be worn by other people.

While looking through, I found some of my old secondary school uniforms. I decided to try them on in a moment of nostalgia and when I looked in the mirror, I thought to myself I could probably get away with wearing this out if everyone didn’t already know it was a secondary school uniform.

I attended Queen’s College, back when the skirts were still straight,- not the pleated disaster it is now,- and the school’s crest was easy to detach from the check shirt. I had the complete uniform, down to the blue blazer and beret, and even though I won’t be caught dead wearing that beret anywhere today, I sincerely believe I could get away with wearing my old school uniform out -with the blazer of course.

Unlike Queen’s College whose uniform is quite distinct and is always immediately associated with the school anywhere you see it, there are a lot of secondary schools uniforms that might not be as quickly recognized.

Who introduced, these ridiculous ties though??
Who introduced these ridiculous ties though?

So think about it for a second, before you laugh it off with a full face beat, killer heels and a very nice bag, do you think you could get away with wearing your secondary school uniform out today?

Do let us know.

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