Frank talk: How do you deal with your body insecurities?

We all have body parts we are a little insecure about. Some are minor insecurities we brush off while we spend our whole lives dwelling on the others. Subconsciously or even consciously, these insecurities control our lives and personal styles. So if you think your arms are too flabby, you stay away from armless clothes, or if you think your titties are saggy you avoid the low neck clothes. Some insecurities even affect the way we behave and relate with people. like if you don’t like your teeth you tend to smile less, or if you don’t like the sound of your voice you say very little, even when you don’t want to.

The worst part about insecurities is that most of the time we cannot do anything about them. Some are easy. If you hate the fact that you have small boobs, you simply stuff your bra. But what do you do about insecurities such as thinking you are too tall for a lady, or wishing you were a little shorter?

It is easy for all these self-help books to spurn out quotes like “just love yourself” or “embrace the inner you”, but anyone who has lived or is living with insecurities knows that these things are easier said than done. What we do not realize is that people do not perceive our insecurities in the same manner we do. You walk past a group of people and they are staring at your face, and you immediately assume it must be your acne, but they might honestly just be looking at the lipstick you have on. People might tease you about your knocked knees but won’t mention how beautiful your legs are even though they are thinking it. And so you consume yourself with the fact that you have knock knees and do your best to hide your beautiful legs.

The weird part about insecurities is that most of the time, when we just go like “fuck this” and decide to flaunt that thing we are most insecure about, we tend to get comments like “oh you look good in this” or “why don’t you do that more?”

Dealing with insecurities is hard and there are no rules or guides for getting over them no matter what all the Dr Phils in the world say. We develop coping mechanisms or outgrow them, or find people who love us out of them.

What are you most insecure about? And how have you learnt to deal with it? If you have had insecurities in the past that you have gotten over, let us know how you did it.

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