Dear men, this is what periods really feel like

What do periods really feel like? For some reason, some men choose to ask us ladies this rather silly question -especially when we are on our periods-, and so I have taken it upon myself to finally address this question.

This is exactly what periods feel like for most ladies.

  1. First of all, before the period comes, you spend a couple of days completely in touch with your feels. Babies will make you burst into tears and people breathing around you will make you want to murder them.
  2. On other days you’ll feel incredibly zen and exhausted like you’ve been working for two days straight even if you just woke up.
  3. Before and after your period, your boobs will hurt like hell and you are going to feel fat and bloated, even if you are like a size zero.
  4. Then there’s the first day of the period where you feel like, you are leaving a bloody mess behind every time you seat somewhere. You are going to be paranoid af, and want to go the toilet every five minutes.
  5. You are going to feel dirty and stinky and sometimes you’ll think everyone else can smell the blood pouring out of your body, but they really can’t.
  6. And there are cramps. Let me take a minute to explain exactly how cramps feel, because I don’t think you guys really get it. The severity of the pain ranges from woman to woman, so it sort of falls somewhere between getting your balls kicked and getting punched in the gut over and over again.
  7. Oh and how could I forget period diarrhea. You are going to take constant dumps the whole period, no matter what you do or eat.

So there you have it, now please stop asking us.

P.S “period” isn’t a swear word, you guys are allowed to say it.


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