Is the contouring trend a thing of the past?

A lot of beauty bloggers and make up artists swear by contouring to pull together whatever makeup look they have on. But is the beauty trend made most popular by Kim Kardashian finally phasing out? We have to admit, this is good news for those of us who were just never able to get a hang of the beauty technique.

The appeal of always having a contour on is understandable as there is nothing more tempting than perfectly faking a model-like angular face. Apart from doubling the amount of time you would have spent beating your face, the trend leaves you with a rather heavily made up face that gets even worse when you don’t get it right.

After contouring came strobing, which involves using just a lot of highlighter to emphasize the parts of your face you want light drawn to. A lot of people saw this as just another contouring method, although a lot  easier to execute and less likely to end up in disaster.

Now the two trends seem to be giving way to a more natural, fresh faced approach to makeup and we are completely here for it. Celebrities and beauty bloggers are embracing it and more no makeup tutorials are popping up everywhere. Alicia Keys who just quit makeup completely and for good as she claims, seems to be two steps ahead of the natural look trend, and is pulling it off flawlessly.

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