My denim love story

As a kid I was most comfortable in jeans and anything denim, I even went through an LL Cool J phase with the denim dungarees and bandanas. In retrospect I’m not sure what I was thinking then. I would wear them anywhere and everywhere, which was a bit of a problem for my very traditional parents who liked nothing better than seeing their little girl in a pretty frock.

I never quite outgrew my love for denim and I still wear them every chance I get. But wearing denim today isn’t at all what it used to be, it’s so much more fun! There are denim shorts, skirts, trousers, dresses you name it. There is literally nothing you cannot get in denim and I am totally here for this trend.

One of the hottest trends right now is pairing denim on denim, which is ironical because this was considered fashion suicide just a couple of years ago. Some still consider it this, especially when two different shades are paired together.

But who makes these rules? denim is almost the only material you can have fun with. I mean what else could you get away with ripping holes in without looking crazy? (Kanye is still trying to sell us on the ripped t-shirts, but I’m not buying into that one yet).

When it comes to denim you can do whatever; yes you can pair those blue acid wash jeans with your favourite light blue denim jacket, you can wear two different shades of a particular colour together, you can wear the exact same shade of a particular colour together and no you won’t come out looking like a double denim disaster. When mixing your denims, do not be afraid to experiment.

High-waisted jeans are another favourite of mine. Who doesn’t love jeans that give you that long legged look at the same time pulls in your waist line? Picking the perfect type for your figure is however the tricky part. People like to say these type of jeans are not meant for everyone but its all really about finding the size and cut that works for you and your body. Personally I love skinny high-waisted jeans because I feel they accentuate my figure quite flatteringly. However if that is not your thing, you can opt for high-waisted flared jeans (yes they finally made a comeback.) Flared jeans are flattering on most figure types and hugs in all the right places.

I know a lot of people who hate to wear jeans but love the denim look. If this is you, then the denim shirt dresses are made for you. If you don’t want to wear a dress you can opt for a denim skirt. You know those 70s inspired ones that only our mums wear. Better start raiding your mums’ closets because they are fast becoming a fashion favourite.

If you cannot be sold on that, distressed pencil skirts are a tres chic option especially when paired with a shirt.  You could also opt for denim overalls (banish that Missy Elliot vision that just popped in your head), these days they come in so many fun cuts and styles you won’t be able to resist owning one. From experience, looser silhouettes are the most flattering

Another personal favourite from the denim trend are patchwork jeans. Nothing says I’m fun and free spirited more than a pair of patchwork jeans.

Don’t forget denim accessories. They are another way to infuse that denim look into an outfit. From denim bags, to shoes, purses and hats, the list is endless.

When it comes to denim you can never have enough in your closet, and the best part about denim? It never goes out of style.

Stop buying the same blue jeans you already have. Explore the trend, invest in other denim styles and jeans cuts and have fun with it. That’s exactly what denim is made for.

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