#Dkamil2016 Damilola and Kamil’s traditional wedding photos!

We are pleased to share with you the gorgeous engagement ceremony pictures of Damilola and Kamil.

_MG_4794 _MG_4781 _MG_4640 _MG_4629 _MG_4625 _MG_4623 _DSC1831 _DSC1803 _DSC1773 _DSC1769 pic-2(6) pic-5(6) pic-7(5) pic-8(4) pic-10(5) pic-12(6) pic-14(5) pic-17(3) pic-22(2) pic-29(1) pic-30(3) _MG_5417 _MG_5414 _MG_5181 _MG_5175 _MG_5151 _MG_5117


Asooke @bimmms24

Planner @divine.events

Makeup @facesbylabisi

Photo @klalaphotography (www.klalaphotography.com)


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