Blotting sheets, lash primer…does anybody even use this stuff?

We spend so much money on our beauty and skincare products acquiring stuff we don’t really need or use. If you are a makeup lover I am pretty sure you have a large bag or box of beauty products that you do not use. I don’t know if it is just me, but does anybody even use the following stuff?

  1. Blotting sheets. We always think we need them when restocking our makeup bags, plus the makeup experts always mention them so they must be important right? I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who has an unopened pack just lying fallow.
  2. Lash primer. I didn’t even know this was a thing until my friend made me buy it. But I never use it and I can’t think of any reason to. I mean my mascara is the hardest thing to get off my face when taking off my makeup. Why would I want to make it any harder?
  3. Heat defence serums. All those miracle serums and lotions that are supposed to protect your hair from heat damage by straighteners and curlers do not work. Straighteners and curlers will always be damaging to your hair, there is no magic lotion that can prevent that and we know that. But somehow we still buy them and let them sit pretty in our bathrooms.
  4. Eyelash curlers. These actually work but the results are not life changing enough to justify the stress so we just don’t use them. Plus no eyelash can give you the volume and length a good mascara does.
  5. Hand/Foot cream. I don’t know anyone who starts moisturizing and then leaves out their hands and feet for a “special” lotion. Do you? But we still buy them, believing their promise of baby soft hands and feet for just that day.
    Except your feet gets like this, then you probably should
    Except your feet gets like this, then you probably should
  6. Toners. We know they are supposed to be an important part of our skin care routine so we always buy them. But somehow we always skip that step whenever we are going through our routines. Notice how your toner never gets finished, even when all our other skin care products do?
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