‘Don’t wear mini skirts at 30’ and 7 other fashion rules you should totally ignore

There are so many fashion rules, -Lord knows who made- we are supposedly to abide by. And most times, we accept these rules without really thinking too much about it. Rules like never wearing crocs out, we abide and respect but these fashion rules should definitely be ignored.

  1. Wearing glasses without lens is silly. Well Falz doesn’t seem to think so, so why should you.
  2. Mini skirts are not for ladies over 30. Please if you are above thirty and still have legs like Tiwa Savage, aunty wear your mini skirt. Nobody can beat you over it, and you look hot af.
  3. Overalls are for farmers. Not when they look this good, they aren’t.
  4. You shouldn’t wear sweatpants out of the gym. Well this really depends on what type of sweatpants they are. You really shouldn’t wear those that look like you just rolled out of bed in them out.
  5. Mesh shirts are tacky. These only look tacky on our Igbo brothers to be honest.
  6. Your bra straps should always stay hidden. “Looking at a bra strap has never killed anyone”, that’s exactly what you should tell the next person to tap you about your bra strap showing.
  7. Wearing very high heels on a mini skirt/dress makes you look skanky. This really depends on whether you are not you are a skank, if you aren’t then no you don’t look skanky.
  8. Love handles and bodycon dresses don’t go together. Yes they do, because you say so.
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