4 easy ways to make sure your beauty products are always in order

Whether you use a box or bag, your makeup never seems to stay in order for anything longer than twenty four hours. This can be frustrating whenever you are running late and can’t seem to find your favourite mascara. These tips should make those kind of days easier for you.

  1. If you use a bag and it cannot be zipped once you put all your makeup in, then it’s time to get a box. You don’t have to get anything too large or fancy since you are not a professional, something like this should do.
  2. If your beauty products are now enough to open up a small beauty store, then you should invest in small cheap plastic drawers like this. You can organize your makeup according to your facial features – eye makeup in the first drawer, lips in the next and so on, or in any way you feel most comfortable with.
  3. You could use an old hanging shoe organizer to stick all your makeup in and hang up on a nail in your bathroom or bedroom. They usually come like the one below, so there are a ton of pockets to keep everything, and you can always find whatever you are looking for at a glance.
  4. Clear out one of the drawers in your wardrobe and use it to organize your makeup. Arrange as many plastic food containiers as you can in different sizes, so that you don’t make a mess.
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