8 style tips you can steal from Timaya

Guys what happened?

While our backs were turned, afro-pop star Timaya went from just another run off the mill singer to a fashion killa. He has truly mastered the look he wants to portray and is always clean and suave no matter what he is wearing. You might be ambivalent about his music (we’re not) but there are definitely a few tricks we can glean from his style evolution.

Get a stylist/personal shopper.

Hard To Go from This...
Hard to go from this…


To this without help
To this without help

There’s no way Timaya’s glo up didn’t happen without some stylist or personal shopper’s magic touch. You don’t have to announce it if you’re a private person but aint nothing wrong in putting your wallet where your mouth is.

Dress for your body type.

Hit the Gym guys, Glo Up!
Hit the gym guys, Glo Up!

Timaya cut his dreadlocks and hit the gym, and lost a ton of weight. This might have been the catalyst that made him ditch the baggy pants and embrace clean lines, and we’re grateful for that. We are even more grateful that Timaya always wears stuff that fits him perfectly. Never too big, or too small. You should try that too, it will change your life.

Grey never goes out of style.

Timaya Grey

There is nothing like grey to spruce your wardrobe. It goes with everything and helps you blend in and stand out. You can either inject grey into your wardrobe in doses or go all out like Timaya does with this all grey-native look. Fab!

Before you reach for those sandals, get a pedicure.

Timaya Sandals

Timaya wears a lot of sandals but he is never worried because he doesn’t mess around with his pedicures. I can hear all of you groaning behind your computers and your girlfriends/sisters/mothers nodding empathically because really good hygiene is everyone’s business and responsibility. If you don’t want a pedicure then please stick to shoes.

Don’t stuff your pockets, get a bag.

Timaya Bag

We know you’re a lagos big boy and you have to have your car keys and sixteen phones always at the ready but please take a hint from Timaya and get yourself a bag. If you already bother with your appearance, odds are your clothes are tailored to your body, so why spoil the silhouette with lumpy keys. There are many varieties of bags for men nowadays so do a little searching and find yours.

A white shirt is always in style.

Timaya White Shirt

Do we really need to explain this? A white shirt works with everything, jeans, dress pants, a native wrapper, even a kilt. Just make sure your white shirt is made from good cotton and is tailored to your body and your shirt will do the rest for you.

Invest in a statement sweat shirt.

Timaya Statement Sweatshrit

Sometimes you just want to be casual, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t be stylish. Be like Timaya and get yourself a statement sweatshirt. You could play safe and get one with an interesting applique design or get fancy and find one that is either crotcheted or felted. A good statement sweatshirt will last you seasons and keep you comfy too.

Get yourself a tailor.

Timaya's Tailor steady working miracles
Timaya’s Tailor steady working miracles

Tailors aren’t only for designers, you should get one too. How else do you think Timaya always stays on fleek. Store bought clothing only rarely actually fit you perfectly and should get that fairy touch from your trusty tailor before you break it out in the streets. Timaya uses his tailors very regularly, trust us, we can tell.

photocredit: Instagram/TimayaTimaya

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