Eniola and Emmanuel’s romantic engagement shoot and love story

How We Met
From the groom EMMY
Though we went to the same school and was even also a member of the same humanitarian organization where I was a president in my final year, I never had the luxury of getting to meet her in person. The day heaven smiled on me happened in the month of April 2011 after I already graduated and came back to attend an annual function of the organization, she was still in school then and an active member of the same organization. It was a day I thought was the worst day because of the events that happened on my way to the city but it turned out to be the day I will always be grateful for.
It happened just as I entered the venue of the program, to me that was the very first time I saw her, from that moment my heart could not let go. I went straight to a friend who was seated closed to her to ask about the elegant lady. She was surprised by my question and said “that is Eniola now, don’t you know her?”. I summoned courage and walked up to her, I asked her if he knew me she said yes casually, uninterested in any conversation. I tried to create a conversation but she was not just interested.
I went to my hotel and kept thinking about the damsel I have just met. I put on my thinking cap, strategizing how I would approach her for a better conversation the following day. On the second day of the program, I thought I was battle ready, the moment I saw her coming at my vantage point that was carefully selected by me (part of my strategy). I put on my best smile from distance and was following her with my gaze but she did not notice me at all. Then, I went to meet her (plan B), re introduced myself expecting that to bring back memory, unfortunately, it brought back nothing. She just nodded and greeted me casually and continue her gist with her friend whom she was chatting with. I almost forgot myself on that spot if not for a friend that came to tap me seconds later.
From that moment, I knew she is my wife, my divine gift from God.
Later that evening I asked for her mobile which she nicely refused. I did not push further as I knew I could get from any of our mutual friends. I got the number and summoned courage to ring her the first time. It was a short conversation even though I had imagined a robust one. But step by step, effort upon effort, we became best of friends that discuss just anything and everything. At that stage, I discovered that I have found a treasure. I found her sincerity, humor and intelligence very apt.
Then, the most challenging phase came when I had to let the cat out of the bag, I needed to ask her out because I knew the time was right to do so. In 2014 January, when it was time for my resolution for the year; I made her my one and only resolution. It was so because I did not want any distraction from this all important singular goal. I eventually asked her out over the phone in one of our long conversations and she declined instantly. I was so confused but decided to give it all my efforts because to me; there is no going back because I cannot just imagine a future without her. Every of plan future plans were shaped with and around her. We finally started dating on 16th of June, 2014 and every seconds of it has worth the efforts.

The proposal happened on 18th of July, 2015 at Elegushi beach. It was a little get together party to celebrate her birthday with few of our close friends in attendance. Everyone was busy dancing and drinking but me because I knew it was a big night for me. Few minutes to the time I asked few of my friends to tell the DJ to play her favorite song – John legend’s all of me. I knew the song will do the magic. She came looking for me on the dance floor the moment the music began and my heart began to race faster. I looked straight into her eyes and I saw our future together. I held her right hand tight and went on my knee with a ring in my hand asking her to be my wife and life companion. She was surprised just as every other person and with tears of joy in her eyes she said YES repeatedly. I put the ring on her finger and right from that spot, I knew I made the best decision.
She went to social media and posted this:
“I fell in love with the most amazing guy in the world ; my best friend, someone who understands me even in madness, who helps and supports me, who want and loves me, an handsome bobo with a beautiful heart .
The moment that has shaped my life towards an everlasting and beautiful journey happened some few hours ago.
I said YES to my boo

How he asked: ENNY SAYS

My amazing boyfriend now my fiancé is one of those guys that don’t believe in proposals and all the romantic stuffs that comes with it.
My birthday was on 13th of July, had lot of gifts with a very lovely dinner for two; but no proposal. So I just automatically zeroed my mind on getting one thatperiod
On 18th July he organized a birthday party for me @Elegushi beach with a great turn out of friends, I was so happy and grooving away when the DJ played my favorite song “All of ME” by John Legend, trust me I went crazy with the song and went to drag my boyfriend to dance with me *smiles*
Before I knew what was happening my fiancé was on his kneels with this cute ring that has a tiny beautiful rock on it ….seriously it was like a dream so I ran away and his friends had to drag me back.
He looked me in the eyes and asked me to marry him of course I said a big YES after crying.

How he got my size;
I have this lovely ring I wear all d time on my second finger, my fiancé one day wore the ring on all his finger till it enters his last finger, I even told him not to expand my ring.

Am really humbled and happy to be called your wife. I love you till eternity my love.”

From the Bride Enny:
The first time I saw him was in 2010  at a humanitarian organization meeting I attended , then in school. My first impression about him was “who is this arrogant and proud president” and for no particular reason, I disliked him instantly. Fast forward to 2011, he came for one of the organization’s event as the immediate past president and started forming boss around, trust me to ignore him when he came to greet me. I later discovered how nice and cool he is. The rest they say is history. He is my charming prince.
I am so happy that I got my perfect fit in him as he knows how best to handle my excesses with love. I consider myself privileged to be called his wife. Looking forward to 100 years together with him.
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