7 things nobody tells you about going natural

Natural hair enthusiasts are always very quick to tell you about the glories of rocking your natural hair. They’ll tell you about how good, finally being liberated from relaxers feel, and how taking care of your natural hair isn’t so hard.

Well let me tell you about some things they never remember to tell you.

  1. There will be tears, and even blood sometimes. When you wake up already late for an important meeting, and your twistouts, just end up looking like you haven’t run a comb through your hair in months, there will definitely be tears. And when you are struggling with detangling your hair, and you rip out some of it that’s tied up in a knot, there’ll be blood -ok, maybe not.unnamed
  2. You need to be patient, magical hair growth can not happen overnight, no matter what those “HairInfinity”ads say.images (1)
  3. It can be expensive. We just put up a post about the best household products, you can use for your natural hair. But that won’t help you  resist that extra curl defining conditioner, the next time you walk into a beauty store. And everyone knows that the good shit doesn’t come cheap.unnamed (1)
  4. It’ll annoy you a lot. You are going to wake up on some days, and feel like heading straight to the salon to relax it.unnamed (2)
  5. Going natural won’t make your hair grow faster. If you invested as much time, energy and money into your hair when you were relaxing as you would when you go natural, then you’ll be bound to see a significant growth spurt.
  6. You night use the same products as your friend Amaka who inspired you to natural, and even go to the same salons as her, but you hair will probably never look like hers. This is because curl patterns are a thing, and everyone has theirs. So as much as you love Amaka’s hair, you’ll learn to love yours more.unnamed (4)
  7. You won’t hate relaxed hair immediately, in fact on some days you’ll miss it a lot.

All in all, going natural is great and it might take you a while to get used to it, but the results are always worth it.

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