All the things that could go wrong when you try out a new barber

Every guy at one point or the other has had to take the perilous risk of trying out a new barber. A good barber is rare, a great barber is worth his weight in gold. So when you’re due for a haircut but you’re in a new city (or halfway across the world) and can’t reach your barber, these are some of the real fears you’ll have to face and conquer.

When he tells you a haircut costs N15,000.

Nigga Bye!

(Not today satan)

In the middle of your haircut NEPA takes light and there is no fuel.

Shakara don end oh!

(I know how to use razor blade)

When you tell him not touch your side burns but he turns you into a five year old.

See my life
See my life

If I swear for you now…

When he tries to edge up your hairline and leaves you bald.


Just goan kill me already.

When his hand slips and suddenly you no longer have an afro.

You got me all messed up
You got me all messed up

Somebody wants to die.

When he is supposed to be cutting your hair but he is casually rubbing his dick on your body. 

Na wa o!

When I’m not in Allen Avenue.

When you choose a hairstyle from his catalog and he tells you he doesn’t know to cut hair like that.


So why did you now open shop?

When he starts cutting the next person’s hair and you realise he doesn’t sterilize his blades. 

Hello, Is this the CDC?
Hello, Is this the CDC?
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