Eye cream is the beauty product you didn’t know you needed

I know what most people think about eye creams, just another beauty product someone came up with to make us dole out more cash on our skin care routine.

I personally had never seen the need for them and subsequently shut down any person who tried to market it to me. After all I’m still in my 20s and the only people who should be using eye cream, i concluded, are women who are hitting their 40s.

I should probably explain what eye creams are supposed to be used for before going into whether or not you are likely to need them.

As we get older, the skin around our eyes are the first to show any signs of ageing. This is because, the skin there is the thinnest and also doesn’t produce a lot of oil to keep them moisturised and wrinkle free. Added to this, the fact that we are always touching our eyes doesn’t also help, from our eye makeup to just casually giving it a good rub when we wake up in the morning. Put all these factors into consideration and you can see why that area needs extra care.

Since there are few oil glands around your eyes, you need to keep them properly moisturised with a good eye cream, you shouldn’t wait till they start showing signs of ageing before you do. It is always easier to prevent a thing from happening , than to try and find a solution to it after it has occurred which is why it is good to invest in one early on.

This one by Olay is my favorite right now, it’s moisturising and light so that it absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.

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