Eyebrow tattoos are back but not in the way you think

Tattooed eyebrows are back in trend. But before you roll your eyes at this post, it’s not in the same way it used to be. When we hear eyebrow tattoos, we think about those women who shave of all of their natural eyebrows and tattoo on a straight thin black line in place of their eyebrows.
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This new eyebrow tattoo trend, involves a procedure known as microblading, which is basically the use of super fine needles, to create thin hair like marks in place of your eyebrows. Even though microblading is usually classified as one of the permanent makeup procedures, it’s actually semi permanent and lasts for about twelve to eighteen months, after which you can opt to redo the procedure or not.

The appeal of microblading, is simple. First of all, you never have to fill in your eyebrows for a whole year or more, and even I have to admit that the thought of that is magical. You also get to wake up every morning and go out, rest assured that your eyebrows are completely on fleek.

The truth is, microblading is the answer to a lot of women’s prayers; from women who just have very sparse eyebrows, to women who just hate to fill in their brows, but love that perfect brow look.

Before and after microblading
Before and after microblading.

There are no known side effects, and you have to admit the procedure sounds rather tempting and the end result really doesn’t look bad. But would you try it?

Fleek eyebrows forever
Fleek eyebrows forever
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