Running a fashion blog? You definitely need these 7 blogger essentials

Fashion blogging has become a way for fashion enthusiasts to join the conversation about the multi-layered universe that is fashion. But blogging involves way more than a free wordpress theme and a computer on which to type your thousand word essays about why Marchesa is better than Dolce and Gabbana.

Here are a few tips and tricks every blogger needs to get a hang of before they delve into the vast world of fashion journalism.


Blogging is huge, much like fashion. There are many facets, fashion reviewing, event blogging, beauty blogging, personal style, lifestyle, healthcare, we could go on. To succeed as a fashion blogger, you have to decide what you want to focus on and work towards that, because each blogging niche has its demand and tools you must acquire to deliver your best. Unless you’re an heiress with a billion dollar inheritance, it simply isn’t possible to do everything.


No matter what kind of blogging you want to focus on, working a flatlay is an essential skill you will have to master. What is a flatlay? Well here’s a picture.

Cassie Flat Lay

Flatlay pictures refer to the process of laying out items for display on a horizontal backdrop (read as floor) and photographing them for maximal aesthetic effect. Most bloggers need to flatlay at some point in their careers, so learning the ropes early puts you ahead of the game. Blogger Cassie Daves gives an awesome tutorial about this, you can check it out here.


This is pretty much a given. But it isn’t enough to have a pretty nifty DSLR you lug around to all the events you to go, with gigabyte photos sitting in it waiting to get edited for your post on Monday. Fashion journalism has become increasingly immediate, with blogging spearheading this speed up. You need to be able to liveblog, livetweet, live instagram and take selfies while you’re at it. So do consider investing in a smart phone with a good camera when you’re considering your blogger essentials.


Whether you’re using a free wordpress/blogger account, or you’re splurging for a site of your own, a great blog theme is the difference between an easily navigable site and a total nightmare. There are themes for blogs that are heavy on photo content and themes for blogs for text content and blogs that integrate both. So go out there and find the one that works for you.


No blogger is an island. Bloggers collaborate, offer ideas, encourage and challenge each other and if you’re going to go anywhere as a blogger, you’ll need to find your clan and roll with them. We love fashion bros Akin Faminu and Ifeanyi Okafor jr, and Sola Fagbemi’s collaborations with Mide Coker always delight us.


Nothing keeps you more motivated to write than having a person whose work you admire and want to emulate. Originality is huge in these circles but drawing inspiration from the work of others more experienced is encouraged. We definitely love Cathy Horyn’s work and Samantha Dimka’s superb editing at Style Vitae is something to aspire to.


What’s a blogger without organization? Simply a person with a blog address. Organization, consistency and discipline are what elevates a blogger and builds her/him a fanbase. Being able to plan ahead saves bloggers the stress of having to fail deadlines or make up lacklustre content to fill gaps. Bloggers Cassie Daves and Desola Mako have created planners, one specially for bloggers and one for everyone to  help get you organized. You should get one.


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