Fashion Fam: Bubu Ogisi and Orire Omatsola are sticking together

The world is a village, our fashion industry is even smaller. This column will explore the filial relationships between our favorite fashion people and how they work together. Our focus today are designers Orire Omatsola of Re Lagos and Bubu Ogisi of IAMISIGO. You would have never guessed they were related yeah?


Ogisi and Omatsola are actually cousins and started officially designing at the same time, late 2011. Both designers favour a minimalist approach to fashion, Omatsola’s  Re. Lagos is distinguishing itself with its KhabaSlot, a technique of perforation and embroidery that references Nigerian traditional sculptures, while Ogisifc’s IAMISIGO is a lot more fluid with its aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the designer’s many influences.

While both designers might not riff on the fact that they’re related, they definitely spend a lot of time with each other and even better, both designers have actually collaborated together.

Wild Magnolia
Wild Magnolia Nuber II
Rebahia Coup D'Etat.
Rebahia Coup D’Etat.

Bubu Ogisi was stylist and creative director for Rebahia’s Spring Summer 2015 collection, a collaboration that turned out pretty interesting. She was also stylist and creative director for the Re.Lagos diffusion line Wild Magnolia’s Nuber II shoot, that featured model Toyin Oyeneye and Vanessa Ileonyosi. Orire shows her support for Bubu by wearing her designs at many redcarpet events.

Orire in IAMISIGO A/W 15 photocredit: Bellanaija

We love that both designers are so supportive of each other and their brands and we hope that they collaborate even more.

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